2022-2023 Sports Physical Information

Sports physicals will now be submitted to Formreleaf prior to the start of the athletic season. They do not need to be submitted to the athletic office.

Please click below to utilize the new sports physical submission portal.

Any questions related to the sports physical can be directed to Brett Colelli, our athletic trainer, bcolelli@kcsd.org

We recommend keeping a copy of your completed sports physical in case there is an error within the FormReleaf platform.


Please note:

*- Sections 1-6 of the physical are completed through the web site portal electronically as they are all student/parent or guardian questions.

*- Section 7, that is completed by the doctor, is the only piece of paper from the seven page document that needs to be uploaded through the web site. If Sections 1-7 are uploaded you will get an error message from the portal.

*- Section 8, that is completed by the student/parent or guardian, should be uploaded to the web site.

*- Section 9, that must be completed by a doctor, should also be uploaded to the web site if necessary.

For questions related to the Formreleaf web site please contact the individual below:

Austin O’Neill

Customer Success Coordinator


P (267) 756-1028