2023-2024 KCSD Athletics Fees

Below are the procedures for the collection of the fees.

Students in KHS are required to pay an athletic fee to offset the cost of transportation, equipment, supplies, and other expenses directly associated with their sport.

  • The Athletic Fee is similar to the Physical Forms in that no one receive a uniform until the fees are paid via Hometown Ticketing, or the fee has been waived by the Principal or the Athletic Director.
  • Please use this link to pay the participation fee: https://kennett.hometownticketing.com/embed/all
  • The fees are paid “by season”. If you play a Fall and Winter sport, you only pay $50 now for the Fall sport. Once we get closer to the Winter season, you pay that sports fee then (future publications/notifications of this fee will be forthcoming every season). The third sport is free for the school year, and the fee is waived in the spring’ if the athlete competed and paid for the fall and winter sport.
  • If this fee creates a hardship for any family, please contact the KHS Principal or Sean Harvey, KHS Athletic Director for alternative fee arrangements.
  • If cuts are necessary to create a team, the fee can be paid after the student athlete makes the team. If there are no cuts for a sport the fee can be paid at any time prior to each season.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the KHS Athletic Office at 610.444.6632 or sharvey@kcsd.org or efrazier@kcsd.org . Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of these fees.