ImPACT Testing

Concussions, unfortunately, are a part of many sports! There is a program/testing procedure that is available to assist medical professionals in determining when an athlete should return to the playing field/floor after receiving a concussion. The program/testing procedure is called ImPACT (Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing).

KHS is offering the ImPACT Test to our athletes. For more specific information and to sign up for the test, please go to the top banner of this web page and you will see “Eligibility & PIAA Forms”, below that you will see “Physical Info& Forms”. Click on this link and the next web page that appears,you will see “ImPACT Test Form”. Click on this link and adetailed letter will be downloaded for you to view that hopefully hasall the information you need for the ImPACT Test and also how to sign up to receive the test.

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