2021-2022 Winter Sports Tryout Dates and Times:

Please see the dates, times, and locations for all our winter sports teams below. Please contact the coach with any sports specific questions. Please note that everything listed below is subject to change based upon any adjustments made by the coaches.

Friday, November 19th 

Girls BB: 3:00pm-5:30pm in the main gymnasium.  Contact Coach Cattano with any questions. vcattano@kcsd.org

Boys Basketball: 6:00pm-8:30pm in the main gymnasium.  Contact Coach Gray with any questions.   jwgray24@icloud.com

Wrestling: 3:00pm-5:30pm in the wrestling room.  Contact Coach Reigel with any questions.  kreigel@kcsd.org

Swimming: 5:15am-6:45am at the Kennett YMCA.  Pre-registration is required because of limited pool space/COVID requirements. Swimmers can request a registration form via email: cmillison@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 23rd 

Cheer: 5:00pm-7:00pm in the auxiliary gymnasium.  Contact Ashlee Luzetsky with any questions coach.ashlee95@gmail.com

Monday, November 29th 

Winter Track- 3:00pm-5:00 pm in the KHS stadium.   Contact John Ramagano with any questions.  johnramagano@mepsolutionsinc.com

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2021-2022 KCSD Athletics Fees Announcement

Please be advised that collection of athletic fees for the Fall 2021 season will resume.

Below are the procedures for the collection of the fees.

Students in KHS are required to pay an athletic fee to offset the cost of transportation, equipment, supplies, and other expenses directly associated with their sport. Please click here for the KCSD Athletic Fee Form. The form has all the necessary information and specifics. However, a few things to take note to are as follows:

  • The Athletic Fee is similar to the Physical Forms in that no one can try out or practice for a sport until the forms and fees are submitted to the KHS Athletic Office. The fee and form can be dropped off at the KHS Athletic Office or mailed to: Kennett High School
    Attn: Athletics
    100 East South Street
    Kennett Square, PA 19348
  • The fees are paid “by season”. If you play a Fall and Winter sport, you only pay $50 now for the Fall sport. Once we get closer to the Winter season, you pay that sports fee then (future publications/notifications of this fee will be forthcoming every season).
  • If this fee creates a hardship for any family, please contact Dr. Jeremy Hritz, KHS Principal or Sean Harvey, KHS Athletic Director for alternative fee arrangements.
  • If an athlete gets “cut” from a team during the tryout period, the fee will be reimbursed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the KHS Athletic Office at 610.444.6632 or sharvey@kcsd.org or efrazier@kcsd.org . Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of these fees during these difficult economic times the KCSD is facing.

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2021-2022 Sports Physical Information

Yes, believe it or not, but planning for NEXT year’s (2021-2022) sport’s seasons has already begun. Three major areas of information that are always needed early are starting dates, physical information and participation fee information. From this web page, on the top banner you will see “PIAA Forms”. Click on this link and the next web page that appears, you will see “Sports Physical Forms”. Click on this link and a detailed letter will be downloaded for you to view that hopefully has all the information you need for physicals and the participation fee for participating in any sport at KHS for the 2021-22 school year.

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2022 Spring Sports to Begin March 7th

The first day of Spring Sports is Monday, March 7th.

The outdoor times for practices are below:

Baseball: 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm (Meet in the Gymnasium)

Softball: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Meet at the softball field at KHS)

Boys Tennis: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Meet at the tennis courts at KHS)

Track: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Meet at the track at KHS)

Boys Lacrosse: 3:15 to 5:30 pm (Meet at Legacy Fields)

Girls Lacrosse: 3:00 to 5:00 pm (Meet at Legacy Fields)

The indoor times for practices are below (if necessary for week 1):

Baseball: 3:00-4:15 pm (Main Gym)

Boys Tennis: 3:00-4:15 pm (Auxiliary Gym)

Girls Lacrosse: 4:15-5:30 pm (Main Gym)

Boys Lacrosse: 5:30-6:45 pm (Main Gym)

Track: 6:45-8:00 pm (Main gym)

Softball: 8:00-9:15 pm (Main gym)

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KCSD Lightning Policy

Lightning Policy

Lightning may be the most frequently encountered severe-storm hazard endangering physically active people each year. Millions of lightning flashes strike the ground annually, causing nearly 100 deaths and 500 injuries. Three-quarters of all lightning strikes occur between May and September, and nearly four-fifths occur between 10am and 7pm, which coincides with the hours for most athletic or recreational activities.

This lightning safety policy for the Kennett Consolidated School District was created in accordance with the recommendations of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA), and the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Activity Association (PIAA).

1. The official chain of command for who makes the call to remove individuals from the field will be the certified athletic trainer/athletic director, school administrators, coaches, and assistant coaches. Members of the chain of command will work in unison with game officials to make a formal decision. Once that decision has been made to suspend activity, all individuals should immediately seek refuge in a designated safe structure.
2. All persons in attendance to an event will be designated as “weather watchers”. They should watch and look for signs of threatening weather and notify a higher member of the chain of command if severe weather becomes dangerous.
3. Computers, weather radios, local radio stations, and lightning detectors will be used to monitor weather conditions, forecasts, and warnings.
4. Safe shelters are site specific. At the high school, the school building and the field house are designated as a safe shelter. At the football stadium, teams will be brought into the field-house or the high school and spectators will be moved into either the high school gymnasium if needed or advised to go to their automobiles.  At Legacy fields, teams will be moved into the field-house and spectators will be advised to go to their automobiles. A team representative will be assigned to inform people when it is “all clear”. At NVF/KAU baseball field all individuals will be instructed to go to an automobile. A team representative will be assigned to inform people when it is “all clear”.
5. The “flash-to-bang” count method will be used to determine when to go to safety. When the count is thirty seconds, individuals should be inside a safe shelter.
6. Once activities have been suspended, thirty minutes without thunder or lightning activity must pass before activity is resumed. Remember that lightning can strike from up to ten miles away.
7. All individuals should avoid being the highest point on a field, in contact with, or in proximity to the highest point, or be in or on water. Do not take shelter under or near trees, flagpoles, or light poles.
8. Individuals who feel their hairs stand on end, skin tingle, or hear crackling noises should assume the lightning safe position. That position is crouched on the ground, weight on the balls of the feet, feet together, head lowered, and ears covered. Do not lie on the ground.
9. In the event of a lightning strike on an individual(s), basic first aid procedures will be used: a) survey the scene for safety b) activate EMS c) lightning victims are safe to touch and may be moved to a safer location d) evaluate airway, breathing, and circulation, and begin CPR if necessary e) evaluate and treat for hypothermia, shock, fractures, and/or burns.
10. All individuals have the right to leave an athletic site in order to seek a safe structure if the person feels in danger of impending lightning activity, without fear of repercussions, or penalty from anyone.

Safe Shelter

A safe location is any substantial, frequently inhabited building. The building should have four walls (not a dugout), electrical and telephone wiring, as well as plumbing, all of which aid in grounding a structure.
The secondary choice for a safer location from the lightning hazard is a fully enclosed vehicle with a metal roof and the window completely closed. It is important to not touch any part of the metal framework of the vehicle while inside it during the ongoing thunderstorm.It is not safe to shower, bathe, or talk on landline phones while inside of a safe shelter during thunderstorms. There is no evidence that cell phones are dangerous and may be used.


To use the flash-to-bang method, begin counting when sighting a lightning flash. Counting is stopped when the associated bang (thunder) is heard. Divide this number by five to determine the distance to the lightning flash (in miles). For example, a flash-to-bang count of thirty seconds is equal to a distance of six miles. “If you hear it, clear it; if you see it, flee it.

Postpone or suspend activity if a thunderstorm appears imminent before or during an activity or contest, (irrespective of whether lightning is seen or thunder heard) until the hazard has passed. Signs of imminent thunderstorm activity are darkening clouds, high winds, a sudden drop in temperature, and thunder or lightning activity.

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2021-2022 Winter Sports Information (Physicals and Participation Fees)

ATTENTION ALL WINTER ATHLETES. The 1st day of winter sports tryouts/practices is Friday, November 19th. All winter coaches have had or will be having individual informational meetings for their respective sports. However, please be reminded that in order for any student to tryout/practice for any winter sport at Kennett High School, there are two main pieces of information that are needed to be completed and on hand in the KHS Athletic Office BEFORE November 18th, the PIAA CIPPE FORM (multiple pages, i.e., Physical Form) and the KCSD PARTICIPATION FEE & FORM. Please click the following 2 links for more specific information for each piece of information that is required.

If you participated in a Fall sport and did not sustain an injury you only need to complete Section 8 of the Physical form.

If you participated in a Fall Sport and did sustain an injury you then need to complete Section 8 as well as Section 9 which requires a doctor’s signature clearing the student-athlete for future participation.

PIAA CIPPE & Physcial Information Link: https://sports.kcsd.org/athletic-eligibility/physical-info-forms/

KCSD Athletic Participation Fee Link: https://sports.kcsd.org/athletic-eligibility/physical-info-forms/

If you have any questions, please contact the KHS Athletic Office at 610-444-6632 or efrazier@kcsd.org or sharvey@kcsd.org.

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The member schools encourage the attendance of students, parents and interested members of the community at all athletic events. We further encourage their active support of these programs by participating in those activities which lend themselves to stimulating student achievement, good sportsmanship, and school spirit. These activities should be positive in nature and within the guidelines of the PIAA Code of Conduct. It is not our intent to reduce the involvement of spectators or the enjoyment of those who participate. Rather, it is our goal to create an atmosphere which is conducive to healthy athletic competition, is safe for those involved, and which provides the ideals of sportsmanship and sound educational practices.

SPECTATOR CODE OF CONDUCT (Violators of this Code are subject to eviction from the site.)

  1. Spectators are an important part of the game and shall at all times conform to accepted standards of good sportsmanship and behavior.
  2. Spectators shall at all times respect officials, coaches and players and extend all courtesies to them.
  3. Wholesome cheering is encouraged.
  4. Taunting, foul and abusive language, noisemakers, inflammatory remarks, and disrespectful signs and behavior are not acceptable.
  5. Faculty supervised pep bands are permitted during dead ball time. However, spectator noise makers or sound devices are prohibited.
  6. Spectators shall observe and obey the rules and regulations of the school concerning smoking, food and soft drink consumption, and use of lavatory facilities and parking of cars.
  7. Pennsylvania State law prohibits alcoholic beverages of any kind on school property; the law further prohibits any person under the influence of alcohol to be on school property.
  8. Spectators shall respect and obey all school officials, supervisors, and police at all athletic contests.
  9. Bookbags/backpacks are not permitted into the stadium/gymnasium. Drinks are also not permitted to be brought into the stadium/gymnasium.
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Parent-Coach Communication Plan

Kennett Consolidated School District
Athletic Department

Parent-Coach Communication Plan

As a parent of a student athlete at KCSD, you must remember that participation on an athletic team is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, you have the right to know the expectations placed upon you and the student athlete. Both parenting and coaching are extremely difficult jobs. Clear communication between parents and coaches is essential in maximizing the learning that takes place and the effectiveness our programs.

As a parent, you should expect the following from the coaching staff:

  1. Explanation of coach’s philosophy
  2. Expectations for your child, players and the team
  3. Time and locations of all practices and contests
  4. Requirements for practices and games (e.g. proper uniform and equipment)
  5. Out of season conditioning programs and opportunities
  6. Discipline policy – Actions which would cause disciplinary measures and consequences
  7. Coaches should be approachable about parental concerns

Coach’s expectations of parents:

  1. Parents should express concerns directly to the coach
  2. Notification of any type of schedule conflicts (e.g. religious holidays, travel team commitments, etc.)

Many student athletes experience some of their most memorable moments of their high school career though participation in athletic programs. However, all teams face adversity and times when things do not go the way the athlete or parent wishes. At these times, open discussion is encouraged with the coach.

Parental concerns which should be discussed with the coaches:

  1. Treatment of your child both physically and emotionally
  2. Ways in which your child could improve
  3. Behavioral concerns

All parents wish that their children will have maximum playing time. It can be difficult for parents to understand why their child is not playing as much as they wish. It is the KCSD expectation that the coach, as a professional, makes the correct judgments based on what the coach feels is best for the athletes, the team and the program. Factors such as coaching strategies, schemes and concerns about other students should be left to the discretion of the coach.

There may be situations that require a conference between the parents and coach. These are to be encouraged so that both sides understand the others’ concerns and ideas. The discussion should be handled confidentially and in a professional manner. The following guidelines should be followed to help resolve any issues or concerns.

If there is a concern to discuss with a coach, please follow this procedure:

  1. Encourage your son or daughter to speak directly to the coach. An athlete should not fear retribution from a coach. This should be a positive exchange on how the athlete can improve.
  2. Call to schedule an appointment with the coach.
  3. If the coach cannot be reached, call the Athletic Director’s Office. They will assist in arranging a meeting.
  4. Do not approach a coach before or after a practice or contest unless an appointment has been scheduled. This can be a very emotional time for the athlete, parent and coach.
  5. If a meeting with a coach did not provide a satisfactory resolution, call the Athletic Director’s Office to schedule an appointment to discuss the problem.

KCSD’s Expectations of the parent/guardian:

  1. Support your son’s or daughter’s efforts toward success.
  2. Be positive in your approach to your student athlete’s role on the team.
  3. Understand the rules and regulations that the student athlete must follow for the coach, as well as for KCSD.
  4. Communicate any concerns following the protocol outlined in this plan.
  5. Parents should treat coaches with courtesy and respect and insist that their son or daughter do the same.

We trust that your son’s or daughter’s participation in the KCSD athletic programs will be a positive experience and help prepare them for successful future. Many of the character traits needed to excel in life can be reinforced on the practice and playing field. We hope the information provided in this pamphlet will help the KCSD athletic program deliver a rewarding experience to both you and your child.

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2022 Spring Sports Reminder

ATTENTION ALL SPRING ATHLETES: The 1st day of spring sports tryouts/practices is Monday March 7th. All spring coaches have had or will be having individual informational meetings for their respective sports. However, please be reminded that in order for any student to tryout/practice for any spring sport at KHS, there are 2 main pieces of information that are needed to be completed and on hand in the KHS Athletic Office BEFORE March 6th, the PIAA CIPPE FORM (multiple pages, i.e., Physical Form) and the KCSD PARTICIPATION FEE & FORM. For more specific information about each form that is required, please visit the KHS Sports website at sports.kcsd.org and click Physical Information and Forms.

Questions? See Mr. Harvey or Mr. Frazier in the Athletic Office.

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