Helpful Admission Information

Please be advised that “generally“, ALL NIGHT GAMES (both home & away) will have an admission fee to enter the game. Also, morning & afternoon games for varsity football, varsity/JV boys & girls basketball & wrestling normally have an admission fee as well. Finally, expect for any tournament for any sport that an admission fee will also be charged.

The KHS Admission fee is $5.00 for adults (high school graduate and up), $3.00 for students (school aged…K-12) & Senior Citizens are free. For the AWAY games, the admission fees for Ches-Mont League games will be the same for adults & students, while Senior Citizens will vary per each individual School District’s policies. Any Non-League games are “generally” the same, however, there may be a slightly higher or lower fee. All Ches-Mont League football games are $5.00 for all attendees including students.

For any PLAYOFF GAMES, expect an admission fee and the fee is set by the State (PIAA &/or PIAA District I). The fee will vary by each sport, but expect the fee to be slightly higher than normal for the 1st few rounds of playoffs and also that the farther a team advances in the playoffs, expect an increase to continue. Finally, there may be just 1 admission price (no difference between adult & student pricing).