The 1st day of try-outs/practice for the 2020-21 winter sports season is now Monday, January 11, 2021. Per PIAA rules, BEFORE any athlete trys-out and/or practices in any winter sport (i.e., basketball (boys & girls), wrestling, swimming (boys & girls), indoor track (boys & girls) and cheerleading), they need to have on file in the Athletic Office Sections 1-6 of the PIAA CIPPE form (i.e., sports physical form). Furthermore, there is a Section 7 of the PIAA CIPPE form that may need to be submitted and on file as well before they can try-out and/or practice. The specifics of the Section 7 form are as follows (FYI that Section 7 is basically updated medical history information):

  • If you had your sports physical completed after October 5th, you just need to submit Sections 1-6 (i.e., you do NOT need Section 7).
  • If you had your sports physical completed between June 1st and October 5th, you need to complete and turn in Section 7 (and possibly Section 8 if you checked YES to any Health History question on Section 7, self-explanatory in Section 7) in addition to Sections 1-6 (i.e., we need Sections 1-7 for this case).
    • To download Sections 1-6, please click here.
      To download Section 7 (& 8), please click here.

We know this may be confusing, but we have tried to give simplistic directions above. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Athletic Office at 610-444-6632 or or